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    I’ve been working on a site for a client for a few months now and have had wonderful one on one support from dfd. The desktop version is wonderful but in an effort to speed up the mobile version we have pared things back substantially, and the client is still not happy with the mobile performance. I have reached the limit of my skills and have addressed as many of the points given on the website speed tests as I know how.

    I am willing at this point to hire someone to wrap this up and get the mobile version really working quickly so the client is happy. That may mean working with the current pared down version of the site on mobile, but I’d prefer to return the mobile version of the site to what it should be and have it resemble what the desktop provides. In it’s current state the client will have to maintain two separate versions of the site and that isn’t ideal.

    I guess my question would be who do I contact for this? I’d prefer someone that is familiar with the theme as well as visual composer. There have been quite a few customizations done by the dfd team for this site and I would want to be sure they were maintained. Any suggestions would be helpful!



    Hello, Themegnificent!

    Unfortunately, we are not able to answer your question.
    However, probably the visitors of our forum will help you.

    Regards, DFD Support Team

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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