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    Hi there,

    I just started using the theme and I love it! Amazing theme!

    But :) I have some issues I need help with.

    It’s regarding site located on

    I started working with the creative studio layout and implemented some elements from another layout.

    My questions:

    1) How can I get the same arrows on the rev slider as in your demo?

    2 ) I implemented three sections into the homepage (section 01/02/03 check the url). Although I copied all settings the images don’t cover the row/background of the section. I checked all settings like 5 times but I don’t get why the images don’t display. Please help me out :)

    3 ) I noticed it’s possible to adjust tyhe height of the pics of the teammembers, but in thic case I can’t adust anything in that section. How can I adjust the height of those pics?

    4 ) I’d like to use the stunning header on blog pages but I don’t like to use the stunning header on other pages (like for example

    How can I use stunning header only at blog pages or another slection of pages?

    5 ) Is there an easy way to import just all demo portfolio’s without importing all the complete demo’s?

    Hope to hear from you

    Kind regards

    Arjan van Dijk



    Hello, Collegajan!

    Please, mail us your purchase code, link to the ticket and WP access details to [email protected].
    We’ll check your site and help you.

    Regards, DFD Support Team



    Hi Support Team,
    I am interested in the question of using stunning header only on some dedicated posts. In my case, I want to use the stunning header on all post and pages except the portfolio items. Could you please share the respective solution? Thank you.

    Best regards, Sebastian.



    Hello, Sebastian!

    Please, try following CSS code:
    .single-my-product #stuning-header {display: none;}

    Regards, DFD Support Team

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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